“Our mission is to be a compassionate resource for families in crisis by providing emergency assistance and referrals, to help positively impact their futures.”

In 2013, Outreach Ministries received 14,738 requests for assistance. More than 7,400 individuals and 3,900 families were impacted by our services.

Behind these numbers are real people who are struggling to make ends meet — our own friends, family, and neighbors. Four out of every five Americans now deal with joblessness and poverty at some point in their lives – and they depend on organizations like ours to help get them through the toughest times.

We are very proud to be able to help as many people as we do through the help of our partners, donors, faithful Board Members, and volunteers.

Please consider joining the effort to help the working poor in our community by making a donation, or by attending the 2nd Annual Cheesecake for Charity event.

Thanks to all who help Outreach Ministries reach our community by assisting families who are in crisis.