“Outreach Reaching Out”

On November 22nd, we officially launched a new program, “Outreach Reaching Out” at the St. Vincent Center for Children and Families.

“Outreach Reaching Out” will help families of small children receive the assistance they need.

Under the program, Family Resource Officers at four area daycares will identify families who qualify for financial assistance. A staff member of Outreach Ministries will visit each of these daycares once a month to work with these new clients, providing assistance with rent, utilities, bus tokens, eye exams, or make available additional resources to meet their needs.

From left: Pam Patton, Family Advocate with St. Vincent; Jackie Jones, Office Manager for Outreach Ministries; Amy Kroeger, Outreach Ministries Executive Director.

As part of this program, families will be able to donate for a chance to win a gift basket:

gift basket1


“We know there are many families out there who need our help, but between transportation issues and the time they are spending working multiple jobs, attending school to better themselves, and raising their children, they may not have the time or resources to reach out to us,” said Outreach Ministries Executive Director Amy Kroeger. “We can’t let them fall through the cracks because of these obstacles. That’s why we need to go to them.”

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